Friday, 18 May 2012

Update your Android application apk on Google play

Update or change your Android apk...

Was Your previous app successful?  You want to update or change your previous apk ? then follow the following steps.Its quite easy task.

  1. Open your licensed application on eclipse. Go to the AndroidManifest file of your application.
  2. Change the version code and version name (It is very important. You cannot update a new apk with same version code and version name as that of previous one) .
  3. Clean & compile your app 
  4. Repeat process for the debug key (refer previous post to do that
  5. Go to Google play developer console and select your previously uploaded app
  6. Upload your new apk from the applications's bin folder on google play.
  7. Deactivate your older apk and activate your new apk 
  8. Click the save option

You can also change the product details any time you want. Just save the details and wait for a while(sometime it takes 2-3hours), you will get your update(with new version code) on market page.

If you want to change your apk, you can deactivate the current apk and activate the apk you want.

When you publish a new version of your application, users will see an Update available notification next to your app in My Downloads in their device.

Google Play can manage updates to preloaded applications, provided the following conditions are met:

  • Package Name with the same Version Code of pre-loaded app must to be uploaded to the Developer Console
  • Pre-loaded app must be signed by using the same signature as in the app listed on Google Play
  • App must be free
  • User's device must match the targeting of current version of the application on Google Play

Note: The update notification feature is only available on devices running Android software version 1.1 or above.

Go ahead :)

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